For more than 10 years, area residents have been building on dreams and gathering the necessary information to provide a state-of-the-art interpretive center on the recently dedicated archaeological preserve in Mills County, Iowa. The tangible part of that dream is the treasure trove of already-gathered artifacts from the earth lodges of Native Americans of the Nebraska Phase of the Central Plains tradition who once lived in the Glenwood, Iowa, area and surrounding communities of the Loess Hills.

Iowa state archaeologists have radiocarbon dated the Glenwood sites to A.D. 1250-1400 and have a tremendous desire to learn more about the rich history of the Glenwood Culture people. Both amateur and professional historians and archaeologists, universities, schools, and, especially, Native Americans will benefit from newly discovered and interpreted artifacts of a long and fascinating culture right here in our midst.

Our new focus will integrate the deep knowledge and traditions that come from the true Americans and the ancestry of our Native American brothers and sisters in a center that will be a Gateway to the Plains Indians! This will only happen with the financial support of many contributors. When it does, a largely unknown past will come alive, and for that we’ll have you to thank!

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